Prevention of bone loss with Dental Implants

If you are among the millions of Americans who are missing one or more teeth, then you can benefit greatly from dental implants. Missing teeth can lead to an unattractive smile, embarrassment, difficulty speaking and eating, and even low self-esteem. While traditional dentistry can replace missing teeth with the use of bridges or removable dentures, these options have their disadvantages. Bridges require shaving down the healthy teeth on either side of the space in order to support to replacement tooth. Dentures can be unstable and uncomfortable and can lead to mouth sores and trouble eating and speaking. Dental implants are an ideal option to replace missing teeth because they do not involve shaving down healthy teeth and they eliminate the need for unstable dentures.

Dental implants also help to avoid bone loss. When teeth are missing from the mouth, the jawbone that once supported the teeth begins to shrink away. This process is known as bone atrophy. Bone atrophy causes irreversible facial changes and makes wearing dentures even more difficult. Furthermore, once too much bone has shrunk away, you will no longer be a candidate for future dental implants. It is important to have your dental implants placed while you still have enough healthy bone available to stabilize the implants.

Dental implants restore missing teeth and eliminate the problems associated with bridges, dentures, and bone loss. People who have teeth replaced with dental implants report better ability to chew food and eat properly, renewed confidence while speaking and smiling, and better self-esteem.

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