Nassau County & Queens General Dentistry

There’s a lot to consider when choosing a dentist for your general needs, and it’s important that you choose someone you trust and enjoy seeing. In our Briarwood and Great Neck, New York, offices, Cohen Dental Care offers a variety of general dentistry services to help keep your teeth healthy and beautiful. Our patients range from kids to seniors, so we can assist you in all stages of life. Our clinics are modern, state-of-the-art, clean, and convenient, and our staff is eager to help each patient who walks through the door.

General Dentistry & Teeth Cleaning

Even if you have a perfect at-home dental routine, you still need occasional help from experts. One of the most important things you can do for your mouth is to receive regular exams and preventative care in a professional setting.

For Dr. Cohen’s patients, this process includes cleanings to remove built-up plaque on the outer layer of your teeth that brushing and flossing can’t reach. We also complete a series of safe X-rays to look for any underlying issues that are not visible to the naked eye and do a thorough cancer screening to detect any issues before they advance. It’s true that spending a little time on your teeth now can prevent more complicated concerns down the line, and this is especially true since oral health is connected to the health of other body parts.

Dr. Cohen and his staff strive to make sure that regular check-ups and exams are as comfortable and convenient as possible. When patients, including children, feel nervous about visits, Cohen Dental Care’s team is ready to offer friendly strategies to overcome those anxieties.

General Dentistry for Cavities and Repair

If your teeth are damaged or in pain because of decay, we’re here to help! Dr. Cohen employs state-of-the-art methods, including white and composite fillings and root canals, to help you heal. During a filling, a damaged, decaying tooth structure is drilled out, removed, and replaced with a new, stronger material. We can also replace old, broken down silver/mercury fillings to avoid the use of these chemical elements.

We understand that this process can seem overwhelming or intimidating, but we want to put your mind at ease before, during, and after procedures take place. Keep in mind that the sooner you have these treatments done, the less extensive your damage will be in the long run and the faster you can get back to eating the things you love.

General Dentistry for Protection on the Go

Another one of our popular services is fitting patients for mouthguards. The type of guard that’s best for your teeth depends on your situation. One of the most common types is a nightguard. These special guards are designed to be worn at night while you sleep to protect teeth from clenching and grinding your teeth as you rest, a habit known as “bruxism.”

Bruxism is incredibly common, and studies have reported that chronic jaw clenching and grinding have been associated with head, neck, and TMJ tension and pain. Bruxism can also be disruptive to anyone you share a room with! Similarly, snore guards can be used to eliminate excessive snoring and help everyone in a household sleep more soundly.

Finally, sport guards are advised for any young person (or those young at heart) who plays a contact or otherwise aggressive sport, like football or basketball. Sports guards protect teeth from the rigorous sports activities that put them at risk for fractures and chips.

Full Dentures – Care for a Lifetime

As you age, you’ll likely start to experience new dental issues. Many senior citizens wind up choosing to be fitted for full dentures to fill in for old, damaged teeth. Full dentures are particularly helpful for individuals with extensive damage. Keep in mind that modern dentures are nothing like those from the past. Today’s products look realistic and natural and are made from high-quality materials that can last a lifetime and are comfortable to wear. Dr. Cohen is also an expert at implants for patients that are seeking a durable solution to tooth loss.

Perhaps most exciting is the sense of confidence you’ll regain from having a complete, healthy smile. If only a portion of your teeth is missing, don’t forget that partial dentures, instead of full dentures are an option. These replace only a section of your natural teeth, allowing you to customize the way your mouth both looks and feels. Partials are another popular choice for filling gaps in your smile. Conventional partials depend on surrounding teeth to serve as anchors and are often a temporary solution before more extensive procedures, like implants.

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No matter what situation you’re in, we are excited to help you get a smile you love and are excited to show off. If you have questions about your options or the services we provide, please don’t hesitate to reach out! You’re in good hands with the Cohen Dental Care team.