Woman holding up her clear aligners.

Three Groups Who Can Benefit From Clear Aligners

In New York and across the nation, clear aligners  (for example, Invisalign) have quickly become a preferred choice for individuals wanting a straighter smile, and understandably so. Clear aligners are an effective and efficient way to straighten out teeth in a pace and method that works for a modern lifestyle. Much like traditional metal braces, aligners exert pressure, moving teeth in the desired direction to adjust the crooked appearance of a patient’s smile. As your teeth shift, you’ll receive a new set of aligners to match your changes, and the process continues from there. 

Advantages to Clear Aligners

There are plenty of advantages of wearing clear aligners over traditional metal braces. Not only are clear aligners more aesthetically pleasing, but they are also an effective approach to straighten your teeth. Some of the advantages are:

  • They work faster than conventional braces
  • They can be removed easily, allowing you to still eat your favorite foods that may be chewy or hard.
  • They are invisible–teenagers and adults who wear clear aligners won’t have to worry about their physical appearance as they would with metal braces.

In our Great Neck and Briarwood offices, we work with a range of patients at different life stages who are ready to begin the process. One of the great things about this particular treatment is that it is suitable for a variety of situations. Below are a few categories of patients who have benefited from clear aligners. 


Traditionally, thoughts of straightening out teeth would illicit images of a teenager with clunky braces or a retainer. This association is only amplified in TV and movies. But there are plenty of adults who also want to improve their smiles. Clear aligners offer a way to do this in a discreet fashion. Since they are made from clear plastic, aligners are more difficult to detect than metal alternatives, and that opens up the door for individuals who don’t want to deal with strange looks in the boardroom, on first dates, or during other social situations. There are many reasons that patients have to delay alignment until later in life, including finances or fear of the dentist as a child. Thanks to clear aligners, the process doesn’t have to be put off any longer! And that’s especially great considering that individuals with misalignment are also more likely to encounter dental issues like decay, gum disease, jaw pain, headaches, and even tooth loss.


While braces might seem like a rite of passage for some junior high and high school students, today’s teenagers have clear aligners as an alternative. The option comes with many benefits, including the choice to momentarily remove them for important events, like special dances, graduation, school pictures, and other milestones. That flexibility is simply not possible with more traditional approaches. In addition, braces can cause painful sores for student-athletes who play contact sports. Aligners are softer on inner lips and prevent these injuries. Finally, because they can be removed, aligners make it easier to keep your teeth healthy and clean — a challenge for some busy kids. 

Former Braces Wearers

Braces have a long-standing history of being a dependable way to rearrange and realign teeth. But what happens after they are removed? To keep teeth from shifting back to their original state following braces, it is imperative that patients at least periodically wear retainers to maintain their new look. But let’s be honest: retainers aren’t the most fun to wear. In fact, many individuals end up tossing them in a drawer and seldom pop them in their mouth again. Unfortunately, this might mean that your once-straight smile has some issues again. Before you go back to wearing braces, consider aligners to get things back on track.

No matter your motivation or stage in life, clear aligners can be a great way to get a smile that you are excited to show off! If you’re ready to start the process, we’re here to help! Call or fill out a consultation form today.