Is flossing better before or after brushing?


I’m frequently
asked about this question and scientifically, there aren’t a lot of studies
that address it directly. Based on existing evidence, flossing first isn’t
necessarily better for oral health than the other way around. Although dentists
have their own opinions on this matter. The America Dental Association
recommends flossing first and the reason for it is purely based on the fact
that if you get the unpleasant task out of the way then there is less
temptation to not do it. Honestly, if you were going to skip one of these
tasks, which one will it be? Most likely the flossing!!

I personally
recommend my patients to brush first with fluoride toothpaste, then floss.
 Your mouth will be clean and covered with fluoride
as you maneuver the floss. Surprisingly to many, the main benefit of flossing is
not to prevent cavities even though some dentists or hygienists suggest it.
Rather, flossing is to prevent bloody gums and reducing the gum inflammation
known as Gingivitis. Flossing can dislodge food particles that if left in will
gradually cause inflammation.
many patients lose teeth due to Gingivitis.

As far as flossing
technique is concerned, guide the floss along the curves of the gum line at the
base of each tooth to assure all food debris are taken out. When it comes to
children and their oral care, I recommend to have an adult do the flossing for
the child or at least supervise till you feel confident that he or she has mastered
this important skill which will surly help them have a life time of better oral
 As long as they floss, it can be
their choice to do it before or after brushing.